About Us


For over 23 years Manso Consulting has worked with a broad range of private and corporate businesses in diverse industries.

We have a unique reputation amongst client groups underlining our expertise in implementing business and management programmes to specific and demanding needs.

Our service model is based on combining our resources with those of our clients and their leaders to make distinctive improvements to the performance of their organisations, by often dealing with their most difficult challenges. We achieve this by exchanging business knowledge through our executive level experience and by deploying pragmatic programmes that drive profitable and consistent business growth.


We bring a number of important advantages to client engagements:

  • Our philosophy of “looking forward” enables us to develop and implement client programs that provide clarity, add capital value and maximise opportunities.

  • We take time to understand the issues and consider the options for our clients. We formulate programs designed specifically for the needs of their business, clearly explain our intentions, detail their purpose and describe our methods for implementation.

  • We commit to delivering results in a reliable and timely manner.

  • We recognise the intimate knowledge clients have of their business and contribute our perspective to challenge and validate.

  • Our business managers seek to unlock valuable time for business executives, managers and owners.

  • Our firm comprises qualified business professionals from diverse industries and commercial backgrounds. Our Chartered Accountants provide specialised technical skills in accounting and finance; complemented by the commercial acumen of our experienced business managers.


Our core values support our mission of making an unquestionable contribution to a clients success, through:


When recruiting consultants, we focus on their abilities to enhance our creativity and look to those with a strong desire to develop both personally and professionally.


We are determined to be honest with our clients, tough-minded when necessary and act decisively.


We will uphold absolute integrity and maintain independence.


We strive to treat everyone with an equal level of fairness, trust and respect.

As members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants we also abide by the professional and ethical standards of our governing body.                               Our creative and highly motivated individuals are committed to maintaining these core values, which shape everything for us and result in lasting, measurable improvements in the organisations we work with.