Business Management

Business Management

Based on our Diagnostic findings, we will recommend a Business Management Program often designed to exploit opportunities or eliminate inefficiencies and that will offer measurable value.

We will guide you in its implementation and manage the necessary organisational changes. Outcomes may include:

  • An achievable strategy and business plan including measures against which to assess progress.
  • Designing a pragmatic framework to enhance operating processes in order to reduce waste, capture additional revenue and improve service levels.
  • A customised performance measurement system to consistently and accurately measure results.
  • Introducing or improving systems, processes and controls to better manage working capital, cash flow, human capital and productive capacity.
  • Improving the reliability and relevance of financial reporting systems and controls.
  • Managing the changes designed to create capital value.

Together with our proprietary process, we also utilise proven third party capabilities, methodologies and techniques such as Blue Ocean Strategy

Business Management Program


  • Strategy for sustainable business
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Emerging strategic themes
  • Competitive strategy
  • Strategy mapping
  • Financial strategy
  • Strategic marketing
  • Performance measures - balanced scorecard
  • Strategic review

Financial Management

  • Reliable management reports
  • Working capital management
  • Treasury
  • Effective forecasting
  • Sell-to-collect procedures
  • Purchase-to-pay procedures
  • Inventory control
  • Performance measures - KPIs
  • Linkage to strategy

Operational Improvement

  • Operational team support through complementary skills
  • Systems & process improvements
  • Eliminating wastage
  • Reducing errors
  • QA
  • Internal Controls
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Performance measures - non financial