Business Diagnostic

Case Study 1

FlexHealth delivers professional health service solutions to facilities in Western Australia and quality home care throughout the Perth metropolitan area, whilst training existing health professionals and educating a new generation of health support staff.
Facing significant industry challenges, largely due to substantial budget cuts by the Western Australian State Government, Flexhealth appointed Manso Consulting to assist in vigorously reviewing aspects of its business, with a focus on those issues both impeding growth and
elevating risk. The results of the business diagnostic provided key components for the development of a formal and meaningful strategic plan, designed to guide each business unit in achieving key stakeholder objectives of enhancing operation efficiency and diversifying national reach.

Case Study 2

Labtech Training Pty Ltd is a successful nationally recognised specialist provider of training to the laboratory operations industry. As a Registered Training Organisation, the business delivers vocational education to candidates in fields such as oil and gas testing, pathology,
construction materials testing and mineral assay.
Aware of the financial and operational challenges associated with managing a high growth company, LTT responded by seeking expertise to position the company for national expansion. A review by Manso Consulting highlighted the need for systems to keep pace with increased complexity. Improvement to reporting systems would also provide stakeholders with the confidence that risks were being managed and that informed decisions could be arrived at through more appropriate tools to better manage and monitor financial performance.

Case Study 3

This ASX Listed Company with a growing resource base in base metals, gold and PGMs.  The Company employed over 400 people and has an exciting portfolio of exploration projects which should add value to a significant resource base.
Challenged by rapid growth, added complexity and a higher risk environment Manso Consulting was appointed to assess the opportunities for improvement in management systems. The resulting recommendations focused on a corporate office re-organisation to align resources with critical tasks, streamlining time-consuming reporting processes and implementation of accountability and performance measures.