Consulting CFO

Case Study 1

Content Living is one of the most respected home builders in Western Australia, with 25 years of experience, having built over 20,000 quality homes.
As a long standing client of Manso Consulting, numerous and diverse advisory and financial management projects have been successfully undertaken, developed and executed over several years, with an emphasis on continuously improving financial reporting systems, controls and procedures. Such improvements have consistently lead to more reliable and timely reporting, cost efficiencies and a reduction in compliance risks.

Case Study 2

This leading global resource company balances its aim of creating long-term shareholder value through the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of natural resources with its extensive efforts to protect Indigenous heritage.
Having signed a native title agreement (“NTA”) with traditional owners in WA’s Pilbara region to deliver cultural, social and economic benefits through financial and non-monetary means, Manso Consulting was engaged to assess the investment required in managing the complex structures associated with implementation of the NTA. The resulting matrix provided a benchmark against which professional service costs could be measured to ensure fairness and transparency.

Case Study 3

As part of one of the largest independent home builders in Western Australia, Dreamstart Homes is a quality assured Perth-based new home builder that specialises in affordable homes.
Having been engaged since inception, Manso Consulting provided guidance on establishing formal accounting and financial procedures, along with the associated controls necessary to guide business intent on executing a significant growth strategy. Since establishment, MC
has continued to partner with this business providing project driven deliverables including reliable and timely monthly reporting, guidance on driving administrative efficiencies, evaluating financial results and offering valuable industry insights.