Business Diagnostic

Business Diagnostic

We conduct an intensive and revealing Diagnostic of your business to establish key issues and opportunities. The resulting report presentation explains our findings and recommended Business Management Program.

Business Diagnostic Review

Shakeholder Interview

  • Board of directors
  • Senior executives
  • Key Managers
  • Major Shareholders
  • External Advisors
  • Key Customers
  • Key Suppliers

Document Review

  • Business Strategy
  • Strategy Process
  • Business Model
  • Management and Board Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Financial Forecasts
  • Marketing Plan
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Internal Controls
  • Organisational Structure

Interpreting Results

  • Team review
  • Establish Key Issues
  • Alliance Partner review
  • Prioritise outcomes
  • Establish Program framework
  • Client interaction
  • Develop Program
  • Present report


As we work with clients to implement their program, we conduct the following reviews to ensure that we are achieving desired outcomes and results:

Performance Reports

These reports assess progress of plans and recommend actions to meet or revise targets. The frequency of performance reporting varies from tri-annually to monthly, depending on client needs.

Strategic Review

Strategic review workshops ensure that plans are updated to meet changes in the business, the trading environment and stakeholders’ goals. These are generally held bi-annually.

Manso Review

On an annual basis an independent advisor meets with client’s to review our performance.